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Jon Hilgendorf

Jon Hilgendorf

CPA - Partner, The VanderBloemen Group / The Hietpas Group

“Collaboration is multiplication.”

With more than 17 years in the industry, both in public accounting and as a controller at a privately-held firm, Jon has confirmed that collaboration is key to financial success. Whether it’s managing audits and reviews, consulting on tax reporting and compliance issues, or preparing litigation support, the result is always greater with the help of a strong team. Jon sees the partnership between TVG Financial and The VanderBloemen Group / The Hietpas Group as the ultimate in collaboration. A solid, consistent team of experts who will approach your finances from all angles to provide you the best advice and help give you the confidence you need to make the right financial decisions.

Jon takes collaboration quite seriously, even at home — where he and his wife are working together to raise five children.


The VanderBloemen Group are separate and independent from Mutual Advisors, LLC. 


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